Interview with Spanska
by Cicatrix
[September 1997]

How did you start out in computers?

How and when did you start out in the virus scene?

Have you written viruses? If so which would you like to take credit for?

How do you name your viruses?

Which programming languages do you know?

What programming language do you like using the most?

Are you a member of a VX group?

Which AV software do you like/respect the most? Which the least?

What are your goals (VX wise)?

What is your view on the continuous 'war' between VX and AV.

Where did you get you handle? What does it mean?

What is your view on Virus Creation software (eg. VCL, PS-MPC etc.)?

What is your view on macro viruses vs. assembly or HLL viruses?

Have you ever confirmed one of your viruses 'in-the-wild'?

Which VX E-zine do you like to most? Which the least?

Which individual or what group do you like/respect in the VX world?

In the AV world?

Which individual or what group do you like/respect outside the VX or the AV world?

What is your view on destructive payloads in viruses?

Do you think there is such a thing as a 'good' virus?

What do you do in 'real' life?

Do people outside the VX scene know what you do (parents, girlfriend, etc.)?

Do you do other computer stuff outside VX (Hacking, phreaking, warez etc.)?

Should viruses be illegal? Is there a difference between creation and spreading?

Describe the perfect virus.

What is your view on Windows (95)?

What is your advice for people just starting out?

Where can you be reached if at all?

Any other comments?

Short responses to the following names or words:

From what part of the world are you?

Would you ever release a virus creator?

What is in your future virus wise?

Have you written or are you going to write any tutorials/

Any other ideas or thoughts that would help improving VDAT?