Interview with Billy Belcebu / iKX
By Benny/29A

[September 1999]

Here is an interview made with Billy Belcebu. Billy is young and impressive ex-DDTer, nowadays member of iKX. In September, iKX released their XiNE#4 magazine where Billy presented his newest viruses and tutorials. Enjoy interview with one of the most perspective coderz and very good friend of mine!

Well Billy, its time to introduce yourself. Tell us, who r u, where r u from, what is your favourite ice-cream etc :)...

Ok, my nick is Billy Belcebu, i'm a spanish 16 old year guy, i'm a proud member of the iKX [International Knowledge eXchange], and i've written several virus/tutes...
Who am i? I'm myself, the original and only one :) I'm from a beautiful spanish city (in the Mediterranean sea), called Valencia... My favourite ice-cream? Vanilla with chocolate... mmm, and a bit of straciatella instead chocolate sometimes...

Yeah, thats also my favourite ice-cream (maybe add a bit alcohol X-D). Many ppl on IRC (also me) would like to meet u personaly. Can u tell us, how do u look like?

Yes, of course i can. Well, i'm 1.75, brown/black hair, green/brown eyes (they change depending of time!), today i've beard (goat-beard)... My aspect (clothes) is ussually peculiar... i like a lot the black, so i wear a t-shirt of my favourite music groups, black or blue jeans...

Tell us, what u like, what u dislike, what is your favourite music group, if u use drugs, drink alcohol (and how much X-D):

Well, i like a lot to code viruses :), go out with friends, i like the liberal people, i like *A LOT* the beautiful sweet girls... I dislike the fascists, hipocites, the beautiful people... My favourite music group? Well, it's Blind Guardian. After them, Marilyn Manson, RAMMS+EIN, Hamlet, Cradle Of Filth (the list is huge... i.e. metal bands)... yes, i use drugs and drink alcohol: gimme some ganja and a bit of kalimotxo and i'll be the funniest guy :) How much? 5 litres are always welcome... no lie! Btw, the drugs i use are not hard ones... i don't like to lose the control in such way, it's not fun at all.

Hehe, thats gewd number. What do u believe in? Do u have any idols (both of VX and life)?

I believe in miracles... No, just kidding! I believe in myself, anyone else. If you are talking about political things, maybe in another question ;) Idols in VX? Quantum, Wintermute and Vecna. In life, i don't have a single idol (besides Ernesto "Che" Guevara). Simply, i like all the people that believe in the liberalism, that help other people, etc.

OK, 29A can see into u and I can see in your eyes, that u would like to talk about those "political things". Hehe, tell us, what is your opinion.

Ok, everyone knows my "red" tendences ;) Yes, i am marxist and i am proud of it. I know it's an uthopy, but what would be the mankind without those things? I believe in the ideals. I don't dislike democracy, but well applied. Just see, for example, in most of southamerican countries, they have a false democracy: it's a fancy dressed fascism. I lived in Mexico 6 months, and i saw how it really was: a totalitarian government. About the fascism, there isn't anything left to do. Just a loud 'AAAAAAARGH'. I hate that ppl... Hey, but i don't like the pseudo communism of Cuba, China, etc... It's just totalitarism. Well, and i don't like the U.S.A. imperialism, but this is another history.

Uh, how could I forgot?! One of the most important questions. Many ppl discussing, why do u call yourself Billy Belcebu. Can u bright our heads? Tell us history of your nickname :D. Have u ever used another nix in your VX life?

Oh, i was expecting this one :) Billy Belcebu appears in Con-Air film, it's a pshycopath mass killer. I can tell you his story. He arrived to home and found his wife fucking with another guy. Then, he went to the house of his wife and killed them all: her parents, and the dog :) After, in the film,the fucking Nicholas Cage (Cameron Poe, in the movie) kills him :( I don't know why i chose that one... but i did :)

In the VX i haven't used any other nicks, although i've used *MANY* nicks before it (very silly ones i must add).

When did u started with viruses? What were your first experiences with them?

Well, i've started in October of 1997, but i didn't knew anything about ASM. I've coded with zAxOn our first virus creator, NOP 0.666. He was the asm coder of it, and i've written the interface. I've began to be more interested in ASM, in April/May of 1998 i coded NOP 1.666, using as base virus the Apocalyptic of Wintermute, i've only coded some payloads for it. So, i can't say i knew virus coding :) I definitly coded my very first virus in August of 1998, and i called it Antichrist Superstar }:)

My first experience... mmm... i got a diskette with Natas and 1432, that zAxOn gave me,in early 1997. Although i've began to be interested when i read in a spanish related PC paper printed magazine, called PCMANIA, an article about the Spanish VX scene heading group 29A... More concretly, it was a description of the virus scene, with an interview to Wintermute and MrSandman.

Have u ever been infected with (your) virus? Did u code some virus,which infected your system so much, that u had to reinstall your system? :)

Well, yeah. I've been infected many times by my own viruses. The first time was with a fake version (that didn't worked well, btw) of my Garaipena, but with encryption. It was buggy as hell. I didn't wanted to get infected, but what the fuck. I've solved it in a very funny way :) The virus was detected heuristically with NodICE, so i made a list of what files were infected. Later, with HIEW i patched the code that jumps to Ring-0 in all those files, only letting the virus to return to host. My system remain alife for many many months, with many files patched ;) Some months after, while in IRC, i was bored as hell, and i asked VirusBuster for a Win32 virus that i could disassemble, for pass a funny time, and he passed me Win32.Kriz (although he didn't knew what virus it was), and i began to debug its poly layer with SoftICE. Because my fucking lameness, i've set badly the breakpoints, and SoftICE ignored them, so i executed the virus :) I tried to solve it as my Garaipena,but as i didn't knew that thing of Kernel32 patching at startup, i had to reinstall Win98. It was the only time i had to do it. Laterly, i've been infected by my Thorin and my Legacy for test them.

What motivated u to make your first virus?

Oh, shit. I began to write NOP 2.666, and i realized that i had to code my own virus engines. I began to code a virus but with generic parts. As i became quickly bored of it, i thought i should write a virus. Then i began seriously with it: i've written a TSR Semi-Stealth/COM/EXE/Anti- Debug/AntiHeuristic virus, called Antichrist Superstar. Mmm... i think that it was a nice first step. My motivations were to demonstrate myself that i could do it, the curiousity, the thought "what will say the people on the vx scene about this virus?"... As it was extremelly buggy, i never released it to the public, even i've still have it in my HD, and somettimes take a look to its source for remember my roots :')

Ok, now tell us your history about travelling in groups X-D. Why did u join and leave DDT? Why did u join iKX and what is your feeling "to be inside" that group? And finally, what do u think about VX groups? Wouldn't be world better without all those various VX groups? X-D

Yes, i travelled through some groups as you all know :) I'm the kind of guy that *NEEDS* to be in a group.

Well, exactly i haven't joined DDT... i (with zAxOn) created it from nothing. I declared myself as organizer because i know zAxOn, and i know all about his lack of organization skills, lack of time, his variable character... So i wanted the group to be a little bit "stable" ;) After some months in the fucking IRC without coding anything (only writing artticles, searching for some members, asking for contributions, and organizing the magazine contents) my mother unplugged me from internet, so i had a lack of organization over the group. Everytime i could i went to cybercafes (in one of them was the problem some ppl know ;), or to friend's houses... I've sent many mails to the ppl in the group, i expected their answer... but it always arrived late. I began to be very nervous, i wanted to release DDT#1... After many time thinking about it, failing some subjects, a depression stage, etc (see DDT#1's article about my departure) i decided that DDT was over for me, so i left all in zAxOn hands. But he left too, as Frontis, Mandragore and DuSTFaeRie. So, The Wizard is alone... if he's still member... Damn, a sad end of a promising group :(

Well, the iKX people contacted me. After my life problems (many of them) were solved, i decided to accept. My feeling inside such a wonderful group is "sigh. i'm the worst coder here in iKX, i've around only gods!". Heheheh... I try to code cool things, but they do much better things! :)

The VX groups under my viewpoint are a good idea. It makes the scene not to be as chaotic as another ones in the underground group. It's cool to be part of an elite group such as iKX or 29A, because everyone is always looking forward to see your stuff. And seems that the newbies always respect the guys with a backslash followed by a famous group name... I like that people respect me, because in the real life noone does it ;)

A better world without VX groups? Mmmm... a world better without fascists is a better statement ;)

What is your most favourite VX groups (if there r any)?

Besides iKX (of course), i always loved, love, and will love 29A. I learned reading their stuff, their viruses, etc... I grew up wanting to be part of that group, admiring its members... But laterly, while in the scene, iKX fitted exactly my needs, although that i still love 29A. Also i like another groups, such as VLAD (forever!), TI, FS...

Can u tell us, which viruses u wrote? And please, give us some description about them :). Also, tell us the reasons why do u call them as u do. Little story wouldn't be so bad... X-D

Oh, my favourite question... i love always to answer this one ;)

- Viruses signed by Billy Belcebu/DDT

+ Antichrist Superstar:

It was my first virus, unreleased to the public, because its lameness. It's a COM/EXE resident semi-stealth virus with some cool techniques such as anti-debug, anti-trace, anti-heuristics, anti-bait, retro and so on. Its name comes from the best and most famous Marilyn Manson album, called in that way. It shows my satanic tendences :)

+ Win9x.Garaipena:

It was my first Windows virus. It's a Ring-0 by means of modifying the IDT. It jumps to Ring-0 via a BPICE opcode, very antidebugging. That makes the virus to fail in non-intel machines. Sigh. It is a very fast infector. It has a payload, that tries to blank the screen contents in every 31th. The name comes from a basque word that means "victory". That has a special meaning, because i was very happy with this virus: it was my first PE infector! :)

+ Win9x.Iced Earth:

I love this virus aswell, although it has many incredible bugs. It was a silly Ring-3 PE runtime infector, featuring a weak encryption, SEH, and such like usual shit. It hadn't any payload. I've developed it from scratch ;) The name comes from a metal band, that is said to be the biggest exponent of the metal revival of the USA. Although, they sound like german metal bands :)

- Viruses signed by Billy Belcebu/iKX

+ Win32.Aztec:

It's the bugfix version of Iced Earth, with all features stripped. This virus isn't special in any way. I developed it for two reasons: make a simple virus for comment in my Virus Writing Guide for Win32, and make a virus able to infect in NT. The name comes from a silly thought i had: There was an Inca virus (Vecna!) and a Maya virus (Shaitan!), so why not make an Aztec virus? ;) I lived in Mexico six months of my life, as i've said before, so...

+ Win32.Paradise:

Basically is Win32.Aztec, but using my CRC32 API searcher. It has a payload that consists in showing a message box with the song of Stratovarius that gives its name to this virus every 6th of June... Mmmm c00l :)

+ Win9x.PoshKiller:

My second Ring-0 virus. It features quite cool thingies, such as SoftICE avoiding, anti-monitor code, anti-emulator tricks, an FPU decryptor i worked on, without help of anyone ;) and a fixed and improved PE infection. The payload is so far the most impressive i've done (with the help of nIgr0). Let me tell you about the story of the payload :) As i've said before, while Kriz infected me, i had to reinstall all, but i didn't had Win98. Also, my pirate, Frontis, was in England, so i didn't knew to who the fuck ask for Win98. So i saw nIgr0's phone, and i asked him to lend it to me. As he has a kinda job where he *NEEDS* his Win98 CD, he said me that he only could lend it to me if he'd be with me at my home. So we met, and i brought such an stange guy to my home :) We reinstalled W98, and laterly kidding around about Ring-0 payloads... and he showed me some code in ATT assembler that could be able to be used in Ring-0 code, so i translated it with his help, and worked perfectly at the 1st time... It consists in a complete scrolling left-to-right of all the screen contents, every 26th of October. It's name is self explanatory, i hate those pseudo-human thingies called poshes.

+ Win32.Thorin:

This virus took me a long time (a month and a half i think) and i am proud of it. I started it even before Win9x.PoshKiller. It is a PE infector (EXE/SCR/CPL), with many tricks, also makes a recursive search through all the directories for find IRC clients, thus dropping its own script code (mIRC/PIRCH/ViRC), and being able to send an infected copy of itself through chat programs. Also has per-process residence, fast infection and semi-stealth on per-process FindFiles functions, polymorphism, and multiple payloads. The payloads are all of them harmless and annoying: dr0ps a quiz to c:\, renames the drive label to THORIN, swaps the mouse buttons, launches Micro$oft web and shows a messagebox with a silly message. I think this was the beginning of my cool viruses :) The name was chosen just after i read Tolkien books, as Thorin is the name of a famous and cool dwarf. Oh, btw, the payloads are launched randomly every 26th of October.

+ Win32.Legacy:

My most impressive (till now) work. Imagine my Thorin, but squared ;) It is a perprocess resident virus, infects PE files (EXE/SCR/CPL), dr0ps an infected copy of the virus to RAR/ARJ files, it is multithread, highly antidebug, antimonitor, antiemulator, EPO, uses an internal RDA engine, MMX polymorphism, avoids problems with relocs, pffff... it does many things for remember them here ;) It has a payload, that consists in a silly messagebox, and some changes in the registry :) It's name comes from the name of HammerFall's last album, called "Legacy Of Kings". I spent one month in this virus, but full-time coding, many hours day per day. It's huge in size :)

+ Win9x.Molly:

After such a big virus as Legacy, i had a lack of ideas, so i coded this virus in one weekend, as a mental execice about optimization. It is not as ununderstandable as Super's viruses, nor as highly optimized as he could do, but anyway, it is my first virus that occupies less than 1k. It only infects PE files (EXE/SCR/CPL) that have .reloc section as the last one, renaming the section name as .molly, and overwriting it with viral code, so in many cases the file won't grow. The name has an explanation: i coded this virus while reading the wonderful's William Gibson book, Necromancer... so, each time i finished a chapter of the book, i coded a part of the virus :) And Molly is one of the protagonists of the book, that girl with specular lens implanted and retractile knifes in her hands :)

+ Win32.Rhapsody:

It's my latest creation, product of my lack of ideas and a stoned time :) It infects PE (EXE/SCR/CPL) files, aswell as BAT files via debug scripts (built at runtime). Simply another coding exercise, so don't expect nothing impressive. It has been coded in 3 boring days. Its name comes from a epic metal band (although that some people call this group a "hollywood" metal band), called Rhapsody :) They made very cool medieval songs, that creates a cool atmosphere for coding beasts... Ask Inty also! :)

Mmm... more than 100 lines for describe my own viruses... what a selfish and onanist act! :)

Apart of your own viruses, which is your most favourite one?

Well, my favourite virus changes from time to time, nowadays is Vecna's Win32/Wm.Cocaine, because all the thing it does, specially its MAPI handling and the poly. Vecna knows, i phoned him for tell him my most sincere congratulations of such a kewl piece of code! (Vecna, come back!)

Which viruses give u feel of impression? Extremly small or extremly huge viruses? Or anotherz...?

You've said it. Extremelly small as Super viruses impress me because the optimization level (Super: Reduce to the MAX!), and the big ones (while they are coded in ASM and don't contain any image, only pure ASM code) also impress me a lot. I like megainfectors. If i had to choose one kind, i'd choose megainfectors.

What is your viewpoint to technologies, which will kick some ass? :) Is there any existing already? Will u invent some technology for us? :DD

The word is metamorphism. I've written a lot about such theme, but i haven't been able to finish any of my projects. I'm trying to code something related to it, but i don't promise anything. Oh, yes, it exists. Just take a look to Vecna's Lexotan... impressive.

Oh, maybe one day i'll invent some high technology stuff, but it depends on time, ideas, and inspiration... ;)

Tell us your opinion about macro viruses. Is it lame? Is there future in it? Have u ever coded any macro virus?

If any macro coder is reading here, and is friend of mine, please skip this part of the interwiew :)

Yes they are lame, and there isn't future in it. Micro$oft will remove the macro idea soon i think, it's not good to depend of a program to spread. Oh, shit. I've written a macro virus. I called it Wm97.Walden2, but what the fuck, i don't think it's a virus, so i don't spread it, even i don't name it in my virus list :P

But i must recognize that it makes me smile, the idea of that a guy can write a virus for Word, Excel or even Corel Draw! (hi zAxOn!!! ;)

Do u use any drugs, when u code? Where do u go, what do u smoke, what do u drink, if u wanna get inspiration? And what is your relation to money, sex, phun, coding, drugs, alcohol, music... Is it important to u?

Mmmm... an interesting question :) I often use drugs, and sometimes even their effects are still there when i code some parts of my viruses (just take a look to the comments). But not as ussually as i'd like. But, i drink alcohol many times when i've to fight with a part of code that don't works. Of course, it still doesn't work after it, but what the fuck, pass a good time :) For get inspiration, i use to take a walk when it's winter and there is so fucking cold, or in summer i take a shower, or even swim a bit in the swimming-pool. That's when i'm alone or depressed. If not, i go out with friends. There are many things that inspirate me. Even good viruses inspirate me.

Oh, here i'll list the answers to all the things you want to know i have relation to:

- money a bit unexistant, and believe me, i'd like to have more relation with it :)

- sex yeah! sex! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!

- phun always necessarly, i have a lot when coding

- coding oh, my desire... i'd like to be coding everytime... but circumstances are circumstances...

- drugs legalizate them! i like to be stoned...

- alcohol cheaper than drugs, but also it make me to be stoned... KALIMOTXO FOREVER!

- music really needed when i code. I don't code if there is no music. But it always must be metal.

All this is important for me... i think you missed one thing: friends. They are very important to me.

Can u imagine your life without viruses? Did viruses change your life? And if so, how exactly/how much?

No, i can't imagine it (well, really i can, but the vision is really pathetic) ;) It's part of my character, of my inner person... as Int13h said when i interviewed him, viruswriting is like my dark side, that one that few people know.

They changed my life, as they are there for make me forget some problems and pass good times... They help me to make the stress disappear when there's an important exam near, and such like extreme cases :)

Also, i've done many friends here that share my ideas, or have common interest in music, politics, and such. It's cool to discuss with people for make a better world :)

Do u think, virus writing should be illegal? Is it illegal in your country?

Virus writing should NOT be illegal, it's an expression of what the human intelligence is able to do: create artificial life. Damn, i don't know if it's illegal in my country, because i don't know a shit of laws, but as far as i've heard, they are permissive with codes of self-replicating programs, if they don't destroy data. I think that here, in spain, the distribution and the destruction of data of another places are forbidden. I've had some problems with a sucker of a cyber, as you know :) But i haven't done anything bad there... and what the fuck, he tried to steal to my parents more than $1100 for fixing 3 computers that the guy said that i destroyed. As you can think, that was a fucking lie. The loser connected to internet with my nick and asked to VirusBuster, GriYo, etc., for personal infos about them and even me. Oh, btw, thanx VirusBuster and Wintermute for making me that phone calls for tell me what the sucker have done!

Tell us your opinion about Melissa and CiH scandals. What do u think about USA and their tendences to control informations on internet (e.g. SOK was closed)? What part of game r playing there AV firms? What do u think about them?

I still don't understand why Melissa had more fame than CIH. Well, i understand it indeed, but i don't want to believe it. Melissa had more fame (although it was completly harmless) because it was written in the USA, not for another reason. Fuck, it's a lame macro virus! CIH caused much more damage, and at least, it's author shown efficient ASM code, optimized and neat, the only bad point was its destruction level, that i don't like. (Why the virus suicidates itself? It's silly).

USA are USA... There is only one word for define them: suckers. I don't like the way of act of their government. They think they are the best of the best, the only ones in earth, the ones that control everything. But, as money don't give'em better brains, they have to import the best european scientists, etc. They are an hipocrite country, they are always making anti-tobacco laws because they say that it kills people, but they are really permissive with fire weapons. So, what do you expect of them? SOK was closed, it's another demonstration of their abuse of power.

I don't think that the AV do so much things as many people say. They just scare the user with virus, but anything else. They tell lies for achieve fame, for earn money... I don't find any difference with another industries... It's a product of capitalism. There're two kinds of AVers:

a) AVer dickhead. They are ussually salesmen that are in the news warning the user, and telling them things like "the y2k is a virus" that only reflect how ignorant they are.

b) AVer researcher. They are the ones that write the disinfection routines for viruses. Just take a look to I. Daniloff and Peter Szor, they are very kewl people. I'll tell you one day some examples of two other AVers that really rock! (hehehehe)

Look it in this way, AVers are needed by us to superate ourselves. If they wouldn't exist, we would still code runtime com infectors!

Is there any place in the world u would like to make a travel or live for rest of your life? Do u (dis)like your country?

I haven't thought about it. There is no place in this world i'd like specially to life... anyway i'd like to be anywhere with a girl that i like, without money problems, or headaches that living in a society gives us. I'd like to live in a world without fascists, discriminations, differences between people (on the economical side, of course), and such. And as i know it's impossible... I'd like to live in a liberal and permissive place, that's all :)

Of my country i dislike the government, the pseudo-francoists, and the fact that Spain has always been land of catholics... puajjjjj!

I know u were on some VX meetings. Tell us, what is the feeling, when your friends from IRC r standing next to u and talking, smoking, drinking with u. Did u enjoy those meetings? What can u say about those ppl?

Oh damn, do you spy me? :) Just kidding. I've met with Super, nIgr0, MDriller and Navi as virus coders (besides zAxOn, that comes to the same skool than me, so... :) We are very strange people, very different from each other. It is very cool, because we can do many more things when we are altogeter rather than waste time in IRC... we can enjoy a good film, discuss about new techniques... Those Valencian meetings have made me as i am while coding, as i received many help from all valencian coders, that ussually received my phone calls for asking doubts :) The meetings were really funny, always occured strange things, as "pollita de oro" and "the scientist" moments :] They helped me, i love'em. I'm here for anything they want to, and vice-versa.

But, hey! We're going to make Spanish VX'99 meeting here, in Valencia! Almost all the good spanish coders will be here! I hope to write an article about that meeting and let your readers to have it :)

R there any virus coderz, u would like to make travel to? Imagine, u have unlimited access to money... r there any ppl, u would like to visit right now?

Oh yes. I'd like *A LOT* to visit some people, such as b0z0, StarZer0, Murkry, n0ph as IKXers, but of course i'd like very much to met Int13h, Owl, and you Benny, of course!

Is there any VX writer u feel most respect to? Tell us, which ppl would u like to kick to their arse and why :DD. Send some greetz and fux to da world... ;)

Yes. Vecna. He's the best virus coder, and one of the best persons i've ever had contact with. Simply he's the best. I'd like to kick the arse of lamers and wanabees of all the fucking world... IntelServ lied me also, with a fake contribution he did to DDT#1 if i gave him some poly engines i had, i did it, and i realized that the viruses they gave to me were fake: one of them was generated by PS-MPC and the other was Ida by Seeg Enigma (29A#3) with the strings changed. Also he promised a domain for DDT. I'm still waiting. Why not kick his ass? ;)

Greetings go to all those virus writers that try to innovate or improve their own code :) Specially, i'd like to greet some people (random order)

Benny (hey!), b0z0, StarZer0, Qozah, Int13h, Owl, SeptiC, Ypsilon, Super, nIgr0, MDriller, Bumblebee, Vecna, VirusBuster, Somniun, TechnoPhunk, TheWizard, Mandragore, zAxOn, Lord Julus, MrSandman, GriYo, Tcp, n0ph, Murkry, and many others... If i forgot you, don't worry... it's because i'm loosing neurons...

With a great fuck to the fascists and those who believe themselved g0d.

Now, one of the most silliest questions. But u know well same as me, that this question is very important for our readers and I have to ask u: Your viewpoint to "perfect virus". Is it really silly theme? Will be that virus ever coded?

It's totally impossible to code something perfect. Code virus is not an exact science... And, btw, if you have read Qozah's article on Grammars and polymorphism, you'd realized that everything is detectable. So, why try to code something perfect if the AV will detect it? Anyway, as it's an uthopy, it's cool to belive in it. One day, a messiah virus will come and will free us :) But, anyway...

Oh, shit. You have the perfect virus in your system, but you don't know it... X-D

I'm not the right guy to say if it is or it is not a silly question. Time will say.

I think it won't be coded. But there's still h0pe :)

R u working on anything right now? Or do u have a break?

I'm always coding something. I don't use normally the computer for anything different than code, so i wouldn't use the computer if i hadn't anything to finish, or any routine to fix, or any virus to begin... Now, i'm an hyperactive coder... I am coding viruses more than 3 hours each day, but i think that i will decrease a bit that rate, because this year i've the exam for access the university, so i wouldn't have so much time. Although i'd like to write a meta virus. It's my dream, my desire.

Were u ever thinking about things, which would cause u to leave the scene? When do u think u will leave the scene and why?

I try to avoid thinking about leave the scene. It depresses me. Here i've met many cool people. But, believe me, some people is pushing me to do it. But i won't speak there about it. I will leave the scene only when it will be really fucking my real life, making me lost friends, a girl or being kicked from the job (if i get one someday ;). But i want to stay here for at least 5 years :) In the moment that the virus coding is boring to me, be sure i'll leave.

Which things do u believe in? Justice, g0d, Lenin's immortality (ah, sorry, that's not good joke :DD) or anything other?

Yes, it was a good joke :) I don't believe in anything rather than in myself, and what Karl Marx taught us :) Hehehe... all our readers are thinking that i am a fucking activist or something >:] Yes i am! :) I don't use to expect great things to the other people, so my deceptions are less...

About god, let me say what i think. God, as well as Satan, are simply the way of act of the people. They aren't anything mystical or something as some fanatic people believe. God represents the part that want to control of acts, making us believe that we are doing the best. Satan represents the insurrection, the feeling of be different... Just judge it. God, as the catholic church say, don't exits. It's just a mind state.

Your favourite question, Billy, and I think this interview would be sh!t without this q. What makes u still alive?

Friends, girls, and music. Those good times passed with any of those things, are what makes me to want to be alive, what motivates me every morning...

Do u have any favourite movie, actress, singer, pr0nstar or teacher? :)

The best movie i've seen in many time, besides Blade Runner, is Matrix. Yes, it's a topic. But it fits the cyberpunk style, i found it very interesting, its argument was very cool (even i also liked the action). Those decadent way to see the future, where the machines will govern us, fascinates me. Just read Neuromancer. It rocks.

My favourite actor is Santiago Segura :)))))))) Oh, just kidding ;) Maybe the best actor is John Malkovic, and the best actess is Cameron D°az (or even Jennifer LĘpez or Catherin Zeta Jones) :)~ I also like a lot Tarantino, while being actor and/or director.

I don't care about singers, just music groups. Blind Guardian. W0W.

That thing of the pr0nstar is hard... from girls, i have a doubt... the thing is between Silvia Saint and Traci Lords. In men, it's clear. I like the professionality of Rocco Siffredi, even he hasn't the "largest" thing 8============> :P

Teacher? It was my english teacher when i was 14. She had a great pair of "arguments" :)

Do u have any favourite URLs u visit every day? List some of them for us please to make a picture of u (pr0n sites r NOT prohibitted :DDD).

Yes... , always when i want to know the last news from the scene. I like the page's simple dessign, because it loads fastly, and the great quantity of links. Good Job VB! , when i want to see free pr0n X-D , because obvious reasons :) , oh whatta page (hehehehe ;)

Ok, thank u for your time u spend with this interview. I hope u weren't bored by my stupid questions :D. Now u r free to say whatever u want (greetz, fux, sorries, promises, etc). Have a good time and kick some ass for us X-D. C ya!

No, bored no. But my fingers are tired from tiping :) It has been a great pleasure for me to answer, benny, my friend. As i've already greeted my friends here, and sent fucks, there are only few things still to say. First, sorry to darky, he knows why (i have still hope that one remote day you will forgive me), and to DS, coz the same reason.

I promiss i will code interesting stuff, and will be in the scene for a long time!

This is the greatest interview i've ever saw, there is only left to send a special greet to you, Benny, because you w0rked a lot in the questions. Keep on coding! Btw, this interview is 666 lines long! No lie!

Valencia, 10 of September, 1999.

(c) 1999 Billy Belcebu/iKX

Yeah, all lines r really 666. How did u do that? :) We wish ya'll succeed in everything u'll do. Good luck in iKX!